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Publications Available from the Washington Natural Heritage Program

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Washington
The printed version is now available from the University of Washington Press and other book sellers. An online version is also available here. Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) versions have also been created. All feature identification tips, photos, occurrence maps, and more for over 300 species of rare plants.
Draft Field Guide to Washington’s Ecological Systems
This guide provides a tool for identification and understanding of all the Ecological Systems that occur in the State of Washington. It includes dichotomous keys and brief descriptions of each Ecological System to assist in identification.
Vegetation Classification of Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks
A vegetation classification project for the National Park Service, North Coast Cascades Network Inventory and Monitoring Program.
  • The main report (576 KB PDF) Introduction, study area, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions.
  • The appendices (12,858 KB PDF) An identification key to plant associations, descriptions of 311 plant associations, tables of constancy and cover values, and environmental data.
Endangered, Threatened, and Sensitive Plants of Washington
A comprehensive list of the most imperiled and rare plant species; includes a working list of rare mosses, lichens, fungi, and marine algae. The printed version is no longer available but the vascular plant list is available online.
Updated Taxonomy and Nomenclature References
A list of references for rare plant species names not found in Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest.
A plan to reintroduce Golden Paintbrush
A recovery plan that calls for the re-introduction of 20 populations of at least 1,000 Castilleja levisecta plants on protected land.
Site Characteristics of Golden Paintbrush Populations
A summary of site characteristics that are essential for both management and reintroduction of Castilleja levisecta.
Southwestern Washington Prairies: using GIS to find remnant prairies and rare plant habitat
Use of GIS analysis to plan inventory of rare plant species in grasslands of Lewis, Clark, and Cowlitz counties of southwestern Washington. Two maps are available through links in the list of figures on page ii. Ten populations of five rare species were found.
State of Washington Natural Heritage Plan
A biennial report on the status of Washington's system of natural areas and their role in biodiversity conservation. The 2009 plan update is currently available online and printed copies are available by contacting the program.
Washington Herp Atlas
Washington's first online atlas of information on amphibians and reptiles.
Plant Associations in Washington's Puget Trough Ecoregion
Vegetation classification fact sheets, keys, and association tables for plant associations of the Puget Trough Ecoregion.
Plant Associations of Balds and Bluffs of Western Washington
Definitions, processes, management considerations, keys, descriptions, and association tables for plant associations of balds and bluffs in western Washington.
A Riparian Vegetation Classification of the Columbia Basin, Washington
A guide to the riparian and wetland vegetation of Washington's Columbia Basin.
Preliminary Classification of Freshwater Wetland Vegetation in Western Washington
A preliminary classification of native, undisturbed wetlands found in the lowlands of western Washington. It includes impounded, semi-impounded and tidal freshwater wetland plant communities
A Marine and Estuarine Habitat Classification System for Washington State
Marine and estuarine habitats are defined by their depth, substratum type, energy level and a few modifiers. For each combination of these physical variables, species (plants and animals) that are diagnostic
of the habitat are described.

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