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Natural Heritage Plan

"It is, therefore, the public policy of the State of Washington to secure for the people of present and future generations the benefit of enduring resource of natural areas." RCW 79.70.010

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2011 Natural Heritage Plan

Natural Heritage Plan 2011 Update


    Lists of Priorities 2011

    Priority Species and Ecological Communities Protected

2009 Natural Heritage Plan

Natural Heritage Plan 2009 Update

2007 Natural Heritage Plan

The entire Natural Heritage Plan 2007 (excluding supplements, 18.6 mb). This is only recommended for those with a high-speed internet connection.

Part 1: Cover and Introduction (1.5 mb)

Part 2: The Case for Conservation (1.7 mb)

Part 3: The Washington Natural Heritage Program (3.0 mb)

Part 4: Washington's Statewide System of Natural Areas (1.2 mb)

Part 5a: Natural Heritage Plan Implementation (1.2 mb)
Part 5b: Ecoregions of Washington State (p. 45 - 47, 0.5 mb)
Part 5c: Northwest Coast, Puget Trough, and North Cascades Ecoregions (3.2 mb)
Part 5d: West Cascades, East Cascades, and Okanogan Ecoregions (2.7 mb)
Part 5e: Canadian Rockies, Blue Mountains, and Columbia Plateau Ecoregions (2.9 mb)

Part 6: Appendices (0.6 mb)

Washington Natural Heritage Program
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