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List of Known Occurrences of Rare Plants in Washington
September 2014

Yakima County

A key to status fields appears below. If a scientific name is underlined you may click on it to go to a field guide page (pdf format, average size 300 kb) for that taxon.

Scientific Name
Common Name
State Status
Federal Status
Historic Record
Agoseris elata tall agoseris S
Allium campanulatum Sierra onion T
Anthoxanthum hirtum common northern sweetgrass R1 H
Astragalus columbianus Columbia milk-vetch S SC
Astragalus misellus var. pauper pauper milk-vetch S
Buxbaumia viridis buxbaumia moss R1
Calochortus longebarbatus var. longebarbatus long-bearded sego lily S SC
Carex constanceana Constance's sedge R1 H
Carex densa dense sedge T H
Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa smooth-fruit sedge S H
Carex macrochaeta large-awned sedge T H
Carex vernacula foetid sedge R1 H
Castilleja cryptantha obscure paintbrush S SC
Collomia macrocalyx bristle-flowered collomia S
Crepis modocensis ssp. glareosa hawksbeard R1
Cryptantha gracilis narrow-stem cryptantha S
Cryptantha leucophaea gray cryptantha S SC
Cryptantha rostellata beaked cryptantha T H
Cryptantha scoparia miner's candle S H
Cryptantha spiculifera Snake River cryptantha S
Eleocharis rostellata beaked spike-rush S
Eremothera minor small-flower evening-primrose S H
Eremothera pygmaea dwarf evening-primrose S
Erigeron basalticus basalt daisy T SC
Erigeron piperianus Piper's daisy S
Eriogonum maculatum spotted buckwheat X H
Erythranthe pulsiferae Pulsifer's monkeyflower S
Erythranthe suksdorfii Suksdorf's monkeyflower S
Gilia inconspicua shy gilly-flower R1 H
Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa diffuse stickseed T
Heterotheca oregona Oregon goldenaster T
Juncus hemiendytus var. hemiendytus dwarf rush T
Juncus kelloggii Kellogg's rush E
Lobelia kalmii Kalm's lobelia E
Lomatium tuberosum Hoover's desert-parsley S SC
Luzula arcuata ssp. unalaschkensis curved woodrush S
Microseris borealis northern microseris S
Nicotiana attenuata coyote tobacco S
Oenothera cespitosa ssp. cespitosa cespitose evening-primrose S H
Oenothera flava ssp. flava long-tubed evening-primrose X H
Orthocarpus bracteosus rosy owl-clover E
Pedicularis rainierensis Mt. Rainier lousewort S H
Pediocactus nigrispinus snowball cactus S
Potentilla breweri Brewer's cinquefoil T
Schistostega pennata luminous moss R1
Scouleria marginata marginate splashzone moss T H
Silene scouleri ssp. scouleri Scouler's catchfly S H
Tauschia hooveri Hoover's tauschia S SC
Thelypodium howellii ssp. howellii Howell's thelypody S H
Trichostema oblongum oblong bluecurls R1

Description of Codes
Historic Record:
H indicates most recent sighting in the county is before 1977.
State Status
State Status of plant species is determined by the Washington Natural Heritage Program. Factors considered include abundance, occurrence patterns, vulnerability, threats, existing protection, and taxonomic distinctness.
Values include:
E = Endangered. In danger of becoming extinct or extirpated from Washington.
T = Threatened. Likely to become Endangered in Washington.
S = Sensitive. Vulnerable or declining and could become Endangered or Threatened in the state.
X = Possibly extinct or Extirpated from Washington.
R1 = Review group 1. Of potential concern but needs more field work to assign another rank.
R2 = Review group 2. Of potential concern but with unresolved taxonomic questions.
Federal Status
Federal Status under the U.S. Endangered Species Act(USESA) as published in the Federal Register:
LE = Listed Endangered. In danger of extinction.
LT = Listed Threatened. Likely to become endangered.
PE = Proposed Endangered.
PT = Proposed Threatened.
C = Candidate species. Sufficient information exists to support listing as Endangered or Threatened.
SC = Species of Concern. An unofficial status, the species appears to be in jeopardy, but insufficient information to support listing.

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