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List of Vascular Plants Tracked by the Washington Natural Heritage Program
September 2014

This list is sorted by family. You may also view it sorted by scientific name or download an Excel version. Separate lists are available for mosses and lichens.

This is a list of the vascular plant taxa that are tracked by the Washington Natural Heritage Program in order by family and then genus and species. It includes the scientific name, a common name, family name, global rank, state rank, state status, and federal status of each taxon. Clicking on a scientific name that is underlined will take you to the field guide page (pdf format) for that taxon.

A key to rank and status fields appears below.

Scientific Name
Common Name
Family Name
Global Rank
State Rank
State Status
Federal Status

Damasonium californicum fringed water-plantain Alismataceae G4 S1 E

Micromonolepis pusilla red poverty-weed Amaranthaceae G5 S1 T
Monolepis spathulata prostrate poverty-weed Amaranthaceae G5 S1 S

Cicuta bulbifera bulb-bearing water-hemlock Apiaceae G5 S2 S
Eryngium articulatum jointed coyote-thistle Apiaceae G5 SH X
Eryngium petiolatum Oregon coyote-thistle Apiaceae G4 S1 T
Lomatium bradshawii Bradshaw's desert-parsley Apiaceae G2 S1 E LE
Lomatium laevigatum smooth desert-parsley Apiaceae G3 S2 T
Lomatium rollinsii Rollins' desert-parsley Apiaceae G3 S2 T
Lomatium sandbergii Sandberg's desert-parsley Apiaceae G4 S1 T
Lomatium serpentinum Snake Canyon desert-parsley Apiaceae G4 S2 S
Lomatium species novum 1 (Kittitas Co.) new desert-parsley 1 Apiaceae GNR SNR R2
Lomatium suksdorfii Suksdorf's desert-parsley Apiaceae G3 S3 S SC
Lomatium tuberosum Hoover's desert-parsley Apiaceae G2G3 S2S3 S SC
Perideridia oregana Oregon yampah Apiaceae G4G5 S1 S
Sanicula arctopoides bear's-foot sanicle Apiaceae G5 S1 E SC
Sanicula marilandica black snake-root Apiaceae G5 S2 S
Tauschia hooveri Hoover's tauschia Apiaceae G2 S2 S SC
Tauschia tenuissima Leiberg's tauschia Apiaceae G3 SX X

Asclepias cryptoceras Davis' milkweed Apocynaceae G4 S1 T

Agoseris aurantiaca var. carnea pink agoseris Asteraceae G5T4 SU S
Agoseris elata tall agoseris Asteraceae G4 S3 S
Antennaria corymbosa meadow pussy-toes Asteraceae G5 S1 T
Artemisia campestris var. wormskioldii Wormskiold's northern wormwood Asteraceae G5T1 S1 E C
Artemisia furcata forked wormwood Asteraceae G4 SNR R1
Baccharis pilularis ssp. consanguinea coyotebush Asteraceae G5TNR S1 T
Balsamorhiza deltoidea Puget balsamroot Asteraceae G5 S2? R2
Bidens amplissima Vancouver Island beggar-ticks Asteraceae G3 SNR R1
Chaenactis thompsonii Thompson's chaenactis Asteraceae G2G3 S2S3 S
Chrysothamnus humilis Truckee rabbitbrush Asteraceae G4? SNR R1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus ssp. axillaris sticky-leaf rabbitbrush Asteraceae G5T3T5 SU R1
Cirsium flodmanii Flodman's thistle Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Cirsium remotifolium var. remotifolium weak thistle Asteraceae G5TNR SNR S
Crepis bakeri ssp. idahoensis Idaho hawksbeard Asteraceae G4T2 S1 S
Crepis modocensis ssp. glareosa hawksbeard Asteraceae G4G5T1?Q SNR R1
Eatonella nivea white eatonella Asteraceae G4G5 S1 T
Erigeron aliceae Alice's fleabane Asteraceae G4 S2 S
Erigeron basalticus basalt daisy Asteraceae G2 S2 T SC
Erigeron davisii Davis' fleabane Asteraceae G3 SNR S
Erigeron disparipilus Snake River daisy Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Erigeron elatus tall bitter fleabane Asteraceae G4G5 S1 E
Erigeron howellii Howell's daisy Asteraceae G2 S2 T SC
Erigeron humilis arctic-alpine daisy Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Erigeron inornatus California rayless fleabane Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Erigeron oreganus gorge daisy Asteraceae G3 S2 T SC
Erigeron peregrinus var. thompsonii Thompson's wandering daisy Asteraceae G5T2 S2 S
Erigeron piperianus Piper's daisy Asteraceae G3 S3 S
Erigeron poliospermus var. cereus hairy-seeded daisy Asteraceae G4T3? SNR R1
Erigeron salishii Salish fleabane Asteraceae G3 S2 S
Erigeron sp. 5 new Erigeron Asteraceae GNR SNR R2
Eurybia merita Arctic aster Asteraceae G5 S1S2 S
Eutrochium maculatum var. bruneri spotted Joe-Pye weed Asteraceae G5T4T5Q SH X
Heterotheca oregona Oregon goldenaster Asteraceae G4 S1 T
Heterotheca villosa var. 1 hairy false goldenaster Asteraceae G5TNR SNR R2
Hulsea nana dwarf alpinegold Asteraceae G4 SNR R1
Lasthenia glaberrima smooth goldfields Asteraceae G5 S1 E
Lasthenia maritima seaside goldfields Asteraceae G4 SNR R1
Lasthenia minor coastal goldfields Asteraceae G3G4 SNR R1
Microseris bigelovii coast microseris Asteraceae G4 SX X
Microseris borealis northern microseris Asteraceae G5 S2 S
Microseris laciniata ssp. leptosepala cutleaf silverpuffs Asteraceae G4TNR SNR R1
Packera bolanderi var. harfordii Harford's ragwort Asteraceae G4TUQ S1 S
Packera macounii Siskiyou Mountain ragwort Asteraceae G5 S1 S
Packera porteri Porter's butterweed Asteraceae G4 S1S2 S
Psilocarphus tenellus slender woolly marbles Asteraceae G4 SNR R1
Pyrrocoma hirta var. hirta sticky goldenweed Asteraceae G4G5T3 SNR R1
Pyrrocoma hirta var. sonchifolia sticky goldenweed Asteraceae G4G5T3 S1 S
Pyrrocoma liatriformis small-head goldenweed Asteraceae G2 S2 T SC
Pyrrocoma scaberula canyon grasslands goldenweed Asteraceae G3 S1S2 T
Senecio crassulus thick-leaved groundsel Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Sericocarpus oregonensis ssp. oregonensis Oregon white-top aster Asteraceae G5TNR S1 T
Sericocarpus rigidus white-top aster Asteraceae G3 S3 S SC
Solidago missouriensis Tolmie's goldenrod Asteraceae G5 S1S3 R2
Symphyotrichum boreale rush aster Asteraceae G5 S1 T
Symphyotrichum hallii Hall's aster Asteraceae G4 S1 T
Symphyotrichum jessicae Jessica's aster Asteraceae G2 S1S2 E SC
Tanacetum bipinnatum camphor daisy Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Uropappus lindleyi Lindley's microseris Asteraceae G5 SNR R1
Wyethia angustifolia California compassplant Asteraceae G4 SU S

Impatiens noli-tangere western jewel-weed Balsaminaceae G4G5 S1 T

Woodwardia fimbriata giant chain fern Blechnaceae G5 S2 S

Cryptantha gracilis narrow-stem cryptantha Boraginaceae G5 S2 S
Cryptantha leucophaea gray cryptantha Boraginaceae G2G3 S2S3 S SC
Cryptantha rostellata beaked cryptantha Boraginaceae G4 S2 T
Cryptantha scoparia miner's candle Boraginaceae G4? S1 S
Cryptantha simulans pine woods cryptantha Boraginaceae G4 SNR R1
Cryptantha spiculifera Snake River cryptantha Boraginaceae G4? S2? S
Eritrichium nanum var. elongatum pale alpine forget-me-not Boraginaceae G5T4 S1 S
Hackelia cinerea gray stickseed Boraginaceae G4? S1 S
Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa diffuse stickseed Boraginaceae G4T3 S2 T
Hackelia hispida var. disjuncta sagebrush stickseed Boraginaceae G4T2T3 S2S3 S
Hackelia hispida var. hispida rough stickseed Boraginaceae G4T4 S1 T
Hackelia taylori Taylor's Stickseed Boraginaceae G2 S2 T
Hackelia venusta showy stickseed Boraginaceae G1 S1 E LE
Tiquilia nuttallii Nuttall's crinklemat Boraginaceae G5 SNR R1

Arabis crucisetosa cross-haired rockcress Brassicaceae G4G5 S1 T
Arabis olympica Olympic Nuttall's rockcress Brassicaceae G2 S2 R1
Boechera cascadensis littleleaf rockcress Brassicaceae G1Q SX X
Cochlearia groenlandica scurvygrass Brassicaceae G4? S1S2 S
Cusickiella douglasii Douglas' draba Brassicaceae G4G5 S1 T
Draba albertina slender draba Brassicaceae G4 SNR R1
Draba aurea golden draba Brassicaceae G5 S1S2 S
Draba cana lance-leaved draba Brassicaceae G5 S1S2 S
Draba juvenilis long-stalked draba Brassicaceae G4 S1 T
Lepidium oxycarpum sharpfruited peppergrass Brassicaceae G4 S1 E
Physaria didymocarpa ssp. didymocarpa common twinpod Brassicaceae G5T4 S1 T
Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis White Bluffs bladderpod Brassicaceae G4?T2 S2 T LT
Physaria geyeri ssp. geyeri Geyer's twinpod Brassicaceae G4TNR SNR R1
Physaria oregona Oregon twinpod Brassicaceae G4 SNR R1
Polyctenium fremontii Fremont's combleaf Brassicaceae G4 S1 T
Rorippa alpina alpine yellowcress Brassicaceae GNRT4? SNR R1
Rorippa columbiae persistentsepal yellowcress Brassicaceae G3 S1S2 T SC
Rorippa curvipes bluntleaved yellowcress Brassicaceae G5 SNR R1
Sandbergia perplexa puzzling rockcress Brassicaceae G4 S1 T
Subularia aquatica var. americana water awlwort Brassicaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Thelypodium howellii ssp. howellii Howell's thelypody Brassicaceae G2T1 SH S
Thelypodium sagittatum ssp. sagittatum arrow thelypody Brassicaceae G4T4 S1 S

Pediocactus nigrispinus snowball cactus Cactaceae G4 S2 S

Campanula lasiocarpa Alaska harebell Campanulaceae G5 S2 S
Githopsis specularioides common bluecup Campanulaceae G5 S3 S
Howellia aquatilis water howellia Campanulaceae G3 S2S3 T LT
Lobelia dortmanna water lobelia Campanulaceae G4G5 S2 T
Lobelia kalmii Kalm's lobelia Campanulaceae G5 S1 E

Arenaria paludicola swamp sandwort Caryophyllaceae G1 SX X LE
Eremogone franklinii var. thompsonii Thompson's Sandwort Caryophyllaceae G4THQ SNR S
Loeflingia squarrosa spreading pygmyleaf Caryophyllaceae G5 S1 T
Minuartia nuttallii var. fragilis Nuttall's sandwort Caryophyllaceae G5T4 S1 T
Minuartia pusilla annual sandwort Caryophyllaceae G5 SNR S
Silene bernardina Palmer's catchfly Caryophyllaceae G3? SNR R1
Silene douglasii var. rupinae Douglas' catchfly Caryophyllaceae G4TNR SNR R1
Silene sargentii Sargent's catchfly Caryophyllaceae G4 S1 S
Silene scouleri ssp. hallii Scouler's silene Caryophyllaceae G5TNR SNR R1
Silene scouleri ssp. scouleri Scouler's catchfly Caryophyllaceae G5T3T5 SU S
Silene seelyi Seely's silene Caryophyllaceae G2G3 S2S3 S SC
Silene spaldingii Spalding's silene Caryophyllaceae G2 S2 T LT
Stellaria humifusa saltmarsh starwort Caryophyllaceae G5? SNR R1

Euonymus occidentalis var. occidentalis western wahoo Celastraceae G5TNR S1 S
Parnassia fimbriata var. hoodiana fringed grass-of-parnassus Celastraceae G5T3 S1 T
Parnassia kotzebuei Kotzebue's grass-of-parnassus Celastraceae G5 S1 T
Parnassia palustris var. neogaea northern grass-of-parnassus Celastraceae G5TNR S2 S
Parnassia parviflora small-flower grass of Parnassus Celastraceae G4 SNR R1

Ceratophyllum echinatum smooth hornwort Ceratophyllaceae G4? SNR R1

Atriplex canescens var. canescens hoary saltbush Chenopodiaceae G5T5? SNR R1
Corispermum americanum var. americanum American bugseed Chenopodiaceae G5?T5? SU R2
Corispermum pallidum pale bugseed Chenopodiaceae GH SH X
Corispermum villosum hairy bugseed Chenopodiaceae G4? SU S

Polanisia dodecandra var. trachysperma sandyseed clammyweed Cleomaceae G5T5? SNR R1

Hypericum majus Canadian St. John's-wort Clusiaceae G5 S2 S

Crassula connata erect pygmy-weed Crassulaceae G5 S1S2 T
Rhodiola integrifolia ssp. integrifolia roseroot Crassulaceae G5T5 SNR R1

Cuscuta denticulata desert dodder Cuscutaceae G4G5 S1 T
Cuscuta plattensis prairie dodder Cuscutaceae G1Q SNR R1
Cuscuta suksdorfii mountain dodder Cuscutaceae G3? SNR R1

Carex anthoxanthea yellow-flowered sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex atrosquama blackened sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 R1
Carex capillaris hair-like sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 T
Carex capitata capitate sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex chordorrhiza cordroot sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex circinata coiled sedge Cyperaceae G4 S1 S
Carex comosa bristly sedge Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Carex constanceana Constance's sedge Cyperaceae G1 SH R1
Carex cordillerana Back's sedge Cyperaceae G3G4 SH R1
Carex densa dense sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 T
Carex eburnea bristleleaf sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex flava yellow sedge Cyperaceae G5 S3 S
Carex gynocrates yellow bog sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa smooth-fruit sedge Cyperaceae G5TNR S2 S
Carex macrochaeta large-awned sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 T
Carex magellanica ssp. irrigua poor sedge Cyperaceae G5T5 S2S3 S
Carex media intermediate sedge Cyperaceae G5? S2 S
Carex obtusata obtuse sedge Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Carex pallescens pale sedge Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1
Carex pauciflora few-flowered sedge Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Carex pluriflora several-flowered sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1S2 S
Carex praeceptorum Teacher's sedge Cyperaceae G4G5 S2 R1
Carex proposita Smoky Mountain sedge Cyperaceae G4 S2 T
Carex rostrata beaked sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 S
Carex scirpoidea ssp. scirpoidea Canadian single-spike sedge Cyperaceae G5T5 S2 S
Carex siccata dryspike sedge Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1
Carex stylosa long-styled sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1S2 S
Carex sychnocephala many-headed sedge Cyperaceae G4 S2 S
Carex tahoensis Lake Tahoe sedge Cyperaceae G5 SU R1
Carex tenera var. tenera quill sedge Cyperaceae G5TNR S1 T
Carex tenuiflora sparse-flowered sedge Cyperaceae G5 S1 T
Carex vallicola valley sedge Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Carex vernacula foetid sedge Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1
Eleocharis atropurpurea purple spike-rush Cyperaceae G4G5 SX X
Eleocharis coloradoensis dwarf spike-rush Cyperaceae GNR SNR S
Eleocharis rostellata beaked spike-rush Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Eriophorum viridicarinatum green-keeled cotton-grass Cyperaceae G5 S2 S
Kobresia myosuroides Bellardi bog sedge Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1
Lipocarpha aristulata halfchaff awned sedge Cyperaceae G5? S1 T
Schoenoplectus saximontanus Rocky Mountain bulrush Cyperaceae G5 S1 T
Scirpus pallidus pale bulrush Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1
Trichophorum alpinum alpine bulrush Cyperaceae G5 SNR R1

Dryopteris cristata crested shield-fern Dryopteridaceae G5 S2 S
Polystichum californicum California swordfern Dryopteridaceae G4 S1S2 T

Bergia texana Texas bergia Elatinaceae G5 SX X

Andromeda polifolia bog-rosemary Ericaceae G5 SNR R1
Cassiope lycopodioides clubmoss cassiope Ericaceae G4 S1 T
Gaultheria hispidula creeping snowberry Ericaceae G5 S2 S
Kalmia procumbens alpine azalea Ericaceae G5 S1 T
Vaccinium myrtilloides velvet-leaved blueberry Ericaceae G5 S1 S

Astragalus arrectus Palouse milk-vetch Fabaceae G2G4 S2 T
Astragalus arthurii Arthur's milk-vetch Fabaceae G4 S2 S
Astragalus asotinensis Asotin milk-vetch Fabaceae G2 S2 T
Astragalus australis var. cottonii Cotton's milk-vetch Fabaceae G5T2 S2 T SC
Astragalus collinus var. collinus rattle milk-vetch Fabaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Astragalus columbianus Columbia milk-vetch Fabaceae G3 S3 S SC
Astragalus cusickii var. cusickii Cusick's milk-vetch Fabaceae G5T4 S1? S
Astragalus diaphanus transparent milk-vetch Fabaceae G4 SX X
Astragalus eucosmus pretty milk-vetch Fabaceae G5 SNR R1
Astragalus geyeri var. geyeri Geyer's milk-vetch Fabaceae G4T4 S1 T
Astragalus howellii Howells milk-vetch Fabaceae G3 SH R1
Astragalus kentrophyta var. douglasii thistle milk-vetch Fabaceae G5TX SX X SC
Astragalus laxmannii var. robustior prairie milk-vetch Fabaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Astragalus microcystis least bladdery milk-vetch Fabaceae G5 S2 S
Astragalus misellus var. pauper pauper milk-vetch Fabaceae G4T3 S3 S
Astragalus multiflorus loose-flower milk-vetch Fabaceae G5 S1 T
Astragalus pulsiferae var. suksdorfii Ames' milk-vetch Fabaceae G4T2 S1 E SC
Astragalus riparius Piper's milk-vetch Fabaceae G1G2 S1S2 E
Astragalus robbinsii var. minor Robbins' milk-vetch Fabaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Astragalus sinuatus Whited's milk-vetch Fabaceae G1 S1 E SC
Hedysarum boreale Utah sweetvetch Fabaceae G5 SNR R2
Hedysarum occidentale var. occidentale western sweetvetch Fabaceae G5T5 S1 S
Hedysarum sulphurescens white sweetvetch Fabaceae G5 SNR R1
Lathyrus bijugatus pinewoods peavine Fabaceae G4 SNR R1
Lathyrus holochlorus thin-leaved peavine Fabaceae G2 S1 E
Lathyrus torreyi Torrey's peavine Fabaceae G5 S1 T SC
Lathyrus vestitus var. ochropetalus Pacific pea Fabaceae G5TNR S1 E
Lupinus argenteus var. holosericeus silky lupine Fabaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Lupinus lepidus var. cusickii prairie lupine Fabaceae G5T1 SU R2 SC
Lupinus oreganus Kincaid's sulfur lupine Fabaceae G2 S1 E LT
Lupinus sabinianus Sabin's lupine Fabaceae G4 S1 E
Oxytropis borealis var. viscida sticky crazyweed Fabaceae G5T4? S1S2 S
Oxytropis campestris var. columbiana Columbia crazyweed Fabaceae G5T1 S1 E
Oxytropis campestris var. cusickii Cusick's crazyweed Fabaceae G5T5 SNR R1
Oxytropis campestris var. gracilis slender crazyweed Fabaceae G5T5? S2 S
Oxytropis campestris var. wanapum Wanapum crazyweed Fabaceae G5T1 S1 E SC
Trifolium douglasii Douglas' clover Fabaceae G2 S1 E
Trifolium plumosum var. amplifolium bigleaf clover Fabaceae G4T2 SNR R1
Trifolium plumosum var. plumosum plumed clover Fabaceae G4T4 S1 T
Trifolium thompsonii Thompson's clover Fabaceae G2 S2 T SC

Chrysolepis chrysophylla var. chrysophylla golden chinquapin Fagaceae G5T5 S2 S

Comastoma tenellum slender gentian Gentianaceae G4G5 S1 S
Frasera speciosa giant frasera Gentianaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Gentiana douglasiana swamp gentian Gentianaceae G5 S2 S
Gentiana glauca glaucous gentian Gentianaceae G4G5 S2 S
Swertia perennis swertia Gentianaceae G5 S1? S
Zeltnera muehlenbergii Monterey centaury Gentianaceae G5? SH T

Geranium oreganum Oregon crane's-bill Geraniaceae G4G5 SX X

Ribes cereum var. colubrinum squaw currant Grossulariaceae G5T3 S1 E
Ribes oxyacanthoides var. irriguum Idaho gooseberry Grossulariaceae G5T4 S2 T
Ribes wolfii Wolf's Currant Grossulariaceae G4 S3 R1

Myriophyllum ussuriense Ussurian water-milfoil Haloragaceae G3 SNR R1

Whipplea modesta Yerba de Selva Hydrangeaceae G4 SNR S

Elodea nuttallii Nuttall's waterweed Hydrocharitaceae G5 SNR R1

Phacelia bolanderi Bolander's phacelia Hydrophyllaceae G4 SNR R1
Phacelia lenta sticky phacelia Hydrophyllaceae G2 S2 T SC
Phacelia minutissima least phacelia Hydrophyllaceae G3 S1 E SC
Phacelia tetramera dwarf phacelia Hydrophyllaceae G4 S1 S

Sisyrinchium montanum var. montanum strict blue-eyed-grass Iridaceae G5T4T5 S1 T
Sisyrinchium sarmentosum pale blue-eyed grass Iridaceae G2 S1S2 T SC
Sisyrinchium septentrionale northern blue-eyed grass Iridaceae G3G4 S3 S

Isoetes bolanderi Bolander's quillwort Isoetaceae G4 SNR R1
Isoetes howellii Howell's quillwort Isoetaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Isoetes minima midget quillwort Isoetaceae G1G2 S1 R1
Isoetes nuttallii Nuttall's quillwort Isoetaceae G4? S1 S

Juncus alpinoarticulatus northern green rush Juncaceae G5 SNR R1
Juncus biglumis two-flowered rush Juncaceae G5 SNR R1
Juncus brachyphyllus shortleaf rush Juncaceae G5 SNR R1
Juncus hemiendytus var. hemiendytus dwarf rush Juncaceae G5T5 S1 T
Juncus howellii Howell's rush Juncaceae G4 S1 T
Juncus kelloggii Kellogg's rush Juncaceae G3? S1 E
Juncus patens spreading rush Juncaceae G5 SNR R1
Juncus tiehmii Tiehm's dwarf rush Juncaceae G4 S1 T
Juncus uncialis inch-high rush Juncaceae G3G4 S2 S
Luzula arcuata ssp. unalaschkensis curved woodrush Juncaceae G5T3T5 S1 S

Triglochin palustris marsh arrowgrass Juncaginaceae G5 SNR R1
Triglochin striata three-rib arrowgrass Juncaginaceae G5 SNR R1

Physostegia parviflora western false dragonhead Lamiaceae G4G5 S1S2 R1
Scutellaria angustifolia ssp. micrantha narrowleaf skullcap Lamiaceae G5T3T5 S2S3 R1
Trichostema oblongum oblong bluecurls Lamiaceae G5 SNR R1

Wolffia columbiana Columbia water-meal Lemnaceae G5 SNR R1

Utricularia gibba humped bladderwort Lentibulariaceae G5 SNR R1
Utricularia intermedia flat-leaved bladderwort Lentibulariaceae G5 S2 S

Allium bisceptrum twincrest onion Liliaceae G4G5 S1 S
Allium campanulatum Sierra onion Liliaceae G4 S1 T
Allium columbianum Columbian onion Liliaceae G3 SNR R1
Allium constrictum constricted Douglas' onion Liliaceae G2G3 S2S3 S
Allium dictuon Blue Mountain onion Liliaceae G2 S2 T SC
Calochortus longebarbatus var. longebarbatus long-bearded sego lily Liliaceae G4T4 S2S3 S SC
Calochortus macrocarpus var. maculosus sagebrush mariposa-lily Liliaceae G5T2 S1 E
Calochortus nitidus broadfruit mariposa lily Liliaceae G3 S1 E SC
Erythronium quinaultense Quinault fawn-lily Liliaceae G1G2 S1S2 T
Erythronium revolutum pink fawn-lily Liliaceae G4 S3 S
Fritillaria camschatcensis black lily Liliaceae G5 S2 S
Trillium parviflorum small-flowered trillium Liliaceae G2G3 S2S3 S
Veratrum insolitum Siskiyou false-hellebore Liliaceae G3 S1 T

Sclerolinon digynum northwestern yellowflax Linaceae G5 S1S2 T

Lycopodiella inundata bog clubmoss Lycopodiaceae G5 S2 S
Lycopodium dendroideum treelike clubmoss Lycopodiaceae G5 S2 S
Lycopodium lagopus one-cone ground-pine Lycopodiaceae G5 SNR R1

Ammannia robusta grand redstem Lythraceae G5 S1 T
Rotala ramosior lowland toothcup Lythraceae G5 S1 T

Iliamna longisepala longsepal globemallow Malvaceae G3 S3 S
Malvella leprosa alkali mallow Malvaceae G5 SNR R1
Sidalcea hirtipes hairy-stemmed checker-mallow Malvaceae G2 S1 T
Sidalcea nelsoniana Nelson's checker-mallow Malvaceae G2G3 S1 E LT
Sidalcea oregana var. calva Wenatchee Mountain checker-mallow Malvaceae G5T1 S1 E LE
Sidalcea virgata rose checker-mallow Malvaceae GNR S1 E SC

Pilularia americana American pillwort Marsileaceae G5 S1S2 T

Pityopus californicus pine-foot Monotropaceae G4G5 S1 T

Claytonia multiscapa ssp. pacifica Pacific lanceleaved springbeauty Montiaceae G4?T3T4 S1 T

Abronia umbellata var. acutalata pink sand-verbena Nyctaginaceae G4G5TUQ S1 E SC

Nymphaea tetragona pygmy water-lily Nymphaeaceae G5 SH X

Chylismia scapoidea ssp. scapoidea naked-stalked evening-primrose Onagraceae G5T5 S1 S
Epilobium pygmaeum smooth willowherb Onagraceae G5 SNR R1
Eremothera minor small-flower evening-primrose Onagraceae G4 S2 S
Eremothera pygmaea dwarf evening-primrose Onagraceae G3 S3 S
Oenothera cespitosa ssp. cespitosa cespitose evening-primrose Onagraceae G5T5 S2 S
Oenothera cespitosa ssp. marginata tufted evening-primrose Onagraceae G5T3T5 S1 T
Oenothera flava ssp. flava long-tubed evening-primrose Onagraceae G5T3T5 SH X

Botrychium ascendens triangular-lobed moonwort Ophioglossaceae G3 S2 S SC
Botrychium crenulatum crenulate moonwort Ophioglossaceae G3 S3 S SC
Botrychium hesperium western moonwort Ophioglossaceae G4 S1 T
Botrychium lineare skinny moonwort Ophioglossaceae G2? S1 T
Botrychium paradoxum two-spiked moonwort Ophioglossaceae G3G4 S2 T SC
Botrychium pedunculosum stalked moonwort Ophioglossaceae G2G3 S2 S SC
Ophioglossum pusillum Adder's-tongue Ophioglossaceae G5 S1S2 T

Coeloglossum viride long-bract frog orchid Orchidaceae G5 S1 T
Corallorhiza trifida yellow coral-root Orchidaceae G5 SNR R1
Cypripedium parviflorum yellow lady's-slipper Orchidaceae G5 S2 T
Liparis loeselii bog twayblade Orchidaceae G5 S1 E
Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda white adder's-mouth orchid Orchidaceae G5T4Q S1 R1
Platanthera aquilonis Sheviak's bog orchid Orchidaceae G5 SNR R1
Platanthera chorisiana Choris' bog-orchid Orchidaceae G3G4 S2 T
Platanthera obtusata ssp. obtusata small northern bog-orchid Orchidaceae G5TNRQ S2 S
Spiranthes diluvialis Ute ladies' tresses Orchidaceae G2G3 S1 E LT
Spiranthes porrifolia western ladies' tresses Orchidaceae G4 S2 S

Boschniakia hookeri Vancouver ground-cone Orobanchaceae G5 S3? R1
Castilleja applegatei wavey-leaved paintbrush Orobanchaceae G5 SNR R1
Castilleja cryptantha obscure paintbrush Orobanchaceae G2G3 S2S3 S SC
Castilleja levisecta golden paintbrush Orobanchaceae G1 S1 E LT
Castilleja victoriae Victoria's paintbrush Orobanchaceae G1 S1 E
Castilleja viscidula sticky paintbrush Orobanchaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Orobanche californica ssp. grayana California broomrape Orobanchaceae G4T3T4 S1 E
Orobanche corymbosa ssp. mutabilis flat-top broomrape Orobanchaceae G4T3? SNR R1
Orthocarpus bracteosus rosy owl-clover Orobanchaceae G3? S1 E

Oxalis suksdorfii western yellow oxalis Oxalidaceae G4 S1 T

Corydalis aquae-gelidae Clackamas corydalis Papaveraceae G3 S2S3 S SC
Meconella oregana white meconella Papaveraceae G2G3 S1 E SC

Diplacus clivicola bank monkey-flower Phrymaceae G4 SNR R1
Diplacus cusickii Cusick's monkeyflower Phrymaceae G4G5 S1 T
Erythranthe jungermannioides liverwort monkeyflower Phrymaceae G3 SH X SC
Erythranthe patula stalk-leaved monkeyflower Phrymaceae G3Q S1 T
Erythranthe pulsiferae Pulsifer's monkeyflower Phrymaceae G4? S2 S
Erythranthe suksdorfii Suksdorf's monkeyflower Phrymaceae G4 S2 S
Erythranthe washingtonensis Washington monkeyflower Phrymaceae G4 SX X

Plantago macrocarpa Alaska plantain Plantaginaceae G4 S2 S

Achnatherum richardsonii Richardson's needlegrass Poaceae G5 SNR R1
Agrostis mertensii northern bentgrass Poaceae G5 S1S2 T
Anthoxanthum hirtum common northern sweetgrass Poaceae G5 SNR R1
Calamagrostis canadensis var. imberbis blue joint reedgrass Poaceae G5TNR S2? R2
Leymus flavescens yellow wildrye Poaceae G4 SNR R1
Leymus triticoides beardless wildrye Poaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Muhlenbergia andina foxtail muhly Poaceae G4 SNR R1
Muhlenbergia glomerata marsh muhly Poaceae G5 S1S2 S
Muhlenbergia mexicana var. mexicana Mexican muhly Poaceae G5T5 S1 S
Piptatherum exiguum little mountain ricegrass Poaceae G5 SNR R1
Poa interior inland bluegrass Poaceae G5 SNR R1
Poa laxiflora loose-flowered bluegrass Poaceae G3G4 S2S3 S
Poa nervosa Wheeler's bluegrass Poaceae G3? S2 S
Poa unilateralis ssp. pachypholis ocean-bluff bluegrass Poaceae G3TNR S2 T
Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium little bluestem Poaceae G5T5 S1S2 T
Scribneria bolanderi Scribner's grass Poaceae G4 S1 S
Spartina pectinata prairie cordgrass Poaceae G5 S2 S
Sporobolus compositus var. compositus composite dropseed Poaceae G5T5 SNR R1

Aliciella leptomeria Great Basin gilia Polemoniaceae G5 S1 T
Collomia macrocalyx bristle-flowered collomia Polemoniaceae G3G4 S1 S
Gilia inconspicua shy gilly-flower Polemoniaceae G5 SNR R1
Lathrocasis tenerrima delicate gilia Polemoniaceae G5 SU S
Leptosiphon bolanderi Baker's linanthus Polemoniaceae G4G5 S2 S
Leptosiphon minimus true babystars Polemoniaceae GNR SU R1
Navarretia breweri Brewer's navarretia Polemoniaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Navarretia tagetina marigold navarretia Polemoniaceae G5 S1 T
Phlox speciosa ssp. 1 showy phlox Polemoniaceae G5TNR SNR R2
Polemonium carneum great polemonium Polemoniaceae G4 S1S2 T
Polemonium pectinatum Washington polemonium Polemoniaceae G2 S2 T SC
Polemonium viscosum skunk polemonium Polemoniaceae G5 S1S2 S

Eriogonum caespitosum mat buckwheat Polygonaceae G5 SNR R1
Eriogonum codium Umtanum desert buckwheat Polygonaceae G1 S1 E LT
Eriogonum maculatum spotted buckwheat Polygonaceae G5 SX X
Eriogonum marifolium var. marifolium mountain buckwheat Polygonaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Polygonum austiniae Austin's knotweed Polygonaceae G4 S1 T
Polygonum californicum California knotweed Polygonaceae G5 SNR R1
Polygonum parryi Parry's knotweed Polygonaceae G4 S1? T
Rumex hesperius western willow dock Polygonaceae GNR SNR R1

Cistanthe rosea rosy pussypaws Portulacaceae G5 S1 T
Montia diffusa branching montia Portulacaceae G4 S2S3 S

Potamogeton foliosus ssp. fibrillosus leafy pondweed Potamogetonaceae G5T2T4 SNR R1
Potamogeton obtusifolius blunt-leaf pondweed Potamogetonaceae G5 S2 S
Stuckenia filiformis ssp. occidentalis western fineleaf pondweed Potamogetonaceae G5T5 S1S2 R1

Dodecatheon austrofrigidum frigid shooting-star Primulaceae G2 S1 E SC

Adiantum aleuticum var. subpumilum Aleutian maidenhair Pteridaceae G5?T2Q SU R1
Cheilanthes feei Fee's lip-fern Pteridaceae G5 S1 T
Cryptogramma stelleri Steller's rockbrake Pteridaceae G5 S1S2 S
Pellaea brachyptera Sierra cliffbrake Pteridaceae G4G5 S2 S
Pellaea breweri Brewer's cliffbrake Pteridaceae G5 S2 S
Pellaea gastonyi Gastony's cliffbrake Pteridaceae G2G3 SNR R1
Pellaea glabella ssp. simplex smooth cliff-brake Pteridaceae G5T4? SNR R1

Anemone patens var. multifida pasqueflower Ranunculaceae G5T5 S1 T
Cimicifuga elata tall bugbane Ranunculaceae G3 S3 S SC
Cimicifuga laciniata Mt. Hood Bugbane Ranunculaceae G4 SNR R1
Coptis aspleniifolia spleenwort-leaved goldthread Ranunculaceae G5 S2 S
Coptis trifolia threeleaf goldthread Ranunculaceae G5 S1 T
Delphinium leucophaeum pale larkspur Ranunculaceae G2Q S1 E SC
Delphinium stachydeum hedgenettle larkspur Ranunculaceae G5 SNR R1
Delphinium sutherlandii Southerland's larkspur Ranunculaceae GNR SNR R1
Delphinium viridescens Wenatchee larkspur Ranunculaceae G2 S2 T SC
Myosurus clavicaulis mousetail Ranunculaceae G3? S2 S
Ranunculus acriformis var. montanensis sharp buttercup Ranunculaceae G5T5? SNA R1
Ranunculus californicus var. californicus California buttercup Ranunculaceae G5T5 S1 T
Ranunculus cooleyae Cooley's buttercup Ranunculaceae G5 S1S2 S
Ranunculus gormanii Gorman's buttercup Ranunculaceae G3G4 SNR R1
Ranunculus hebecarpus downy butter-cup Ranunculaceae G5 SNR S
Ranunculus populago mountain buttercup Ranunculaceae G4 S2 S
Ranunculus pygmaeus dwarf buttercup Ranunculaceae G5 SU R1
Ranunculus sp. 1 Canyon Creek buttercup Ranunculaceae GNR SNR R2
Ranunculus triternatus obscure buttercup Ranunculaceae G2 S1 E SC

Crataegus phippsii Phipps' hawthorn Rosaceae G1G3 S1 R1
Dryas drummondii var. drummondii yellow mountain-avens Rosaceae G5T5 S2 S
Filipendula occidentalis queen of the forest Rosaceae G2G3 S2S3 T SC
Geum rivale water avens Rosaceae G5 S2S3 S
Geum rossii var. depressum Ross' avens Rosaceae G5T1 S1 E
Horkelia fusca var. capitata bighead horkelia Rosaceae G5TNR SNR R1
Petrophytum caespitosum ssp. caespitosum Rocky Mountain rockmat Rosaceae G5T3T5 S1 T
Petrophytum cinerascens Chelan rockmat Rosaceae G1 S1 E SC
Potentilla breweri Brewer's cinquefoil Rosaceae GNR S1 T
Potentilla glaucophylla var. perdissecta diverse-leaved cinquefoil Rosaceae GNRT4 S1 S
Potentilla jepsonii Jepson's cinquefoil Rosaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Potentilla newberryi Newberry cinquefoil Rosaceae G3G4 SH X
Potentilla nivea snow cinquefoil Rosaceae G5 S2 S
Rubus arcticus ssp. acaulis nagoonberry Rosaceae G5T5 S1 T
Rubus nigerrimus northwest raspberry Rosaceae G1 S1 E SC
Sanguisorba menziesii Menzies' burnet Rosaceae G3G4 S1 T

Salix candida hoary willow Salicaceae G5 S1 T
Salix glauca var. villosa glaucous willow Salicaceae G5T5? S1S2 S
Salix maccalliana Maccall's willow Salicaceae G5? S1 S
Salix monochroma one-color willow Salicaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Salix pseudomonticola false mountain willow Salicaceae G4G5 S1 S
Salix sessilifolia soft-leaved willow Salicaceae G4 S2 S
Salix tweedyi Tweedy's willow Salicaceae G4 S3 S
Salix vestita rock willow Salicaceae G5 SH X

Bolandra oregana Oregon bolandra Saxifragaceae G3 S2 S
Chrysosplenium tetrandrum northern golden-carpet Saxifragaceae G5 S2 S
Heuchera grossulariifolia var. grossulariifolia gooseberry-leaved alumroot Saxifragaceae G4T4 SNR R1
Heuchera grossulariifolia var. tenuifolia gooseberry-leaved alumroot Saxifragaceae G4T3T4 S3 S
Micranthes gormanii Gormans Saxifrage Saxifragaceae G3? SNR R1
Saxifraga cernua nodding saxifrage Saxifragaceae G5 S1S2 S
Saxifraga hyperborea pygmy saxifrage Saxifragaceae G5 S3 S
Saxifraga tischii Tisch's saxifrage Saxifragaceae G1G2 S1? R1
Saxifragopsis fragarioides strawberry saxifrage Saxifragaceae G3? S1 T
Sullivantia oregana Oregon sullivantia Saxifragaceae G2 S1 E SC

Collinsia sparsiflora var. bruceae few-flowered collinsia Scrophulariaceae G4T4 S1S2 S
Mimetanthe pilosa false monkeyflower Scrophulariaceae G5 SNR R1
Nuttallanthus texanus Texas toadflax Scrophulariaceae G4G5 S1 S
Pedicularis pulchella Mountain lousewort Scrophulariaceae G3 SNR R1
Pedicularis rainierensis Mt. Rainier lousewort Scrophulariaceae G2G3 S2S3 S
Penstemon barrettiae Barrett's beardtongue Scrophulariaceae G2 S2 T SC
Penstemon deustus var. variabilis hot-rock penstemon Scrophulariaceae G5T1T2 S1S2 T
Penstemon diphyllus two-leaf penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4 SNR R1
Penstemon ellipticus rocky ledge penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4G5 SNR R1
Penstemon eriantherus var. whitedii fuzzytongue penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4T2 S2 S
Penstemon lyallii Lyall's beardtongue Scrophulariaceae G4 SNR R1
Penstemon pennellianus Blue Mountain penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4 SNR R1
Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis Rydberg's penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4G5TT3T5 SNR R2
Penstemon wilcoxii Wilcox's penstemon Scrophulariaceae G4 S1 S
Synthyris pinnatifida var. lanuginosa cut-leaf synthyris Scrophulariaceae G4T2 S2 T
Synthyris schizantha fringed synthyris Scrophulariaceae G4G5 SNR R1

Nicotiana attenuata coyote tobacco Solanaceae G4 S2 S

Sparganium fluctuans water bur-reed Sparganiaceae G5 S1 T

Samolus parviflorus water pimpernel Theophrastaceae G5 S1 S

Plectritis brachystemon shortspur seablush Valerianaceae G5? SNR R1
Valeriana occidentalis western valerian Valerianaceae G5 SNR R1
Valeriana pubicarpa downy-fruit valerian Valerianaceae G4G5 SNR R1

Verbena stricta hoary verbena Verbenaceae G5 SNR R1

Viola renifolia kidney-leaf white violet Violaceae G5 S2 S

Description of Rank Codes
Global Rank (GRank)
Global Rank characterizes the relative rarity or endangerment of the element world-wide.
G1 = Critically Imperiled - At very high risk of extinction or elimination due to very restricted range, very few populations or occurrences, very steep declines, very severe threats, or  other factors.
G2 = Imperiled - At high risk of extinction or elimination due to restricted range, few populations or occurrences, steep declines, severe threats, or other factors.
G3 = Vulnerable - At moderate risk of extinction or elimination  due to a fairly restricted range, relatively few populations  or occurrences, recent and widespread declines, threats, or other factors.
G4 = Apparently Secure - At fairly low risk of extinction  or elimination due to an extensive range and/or many populations or occurrences, but with possible cause for some concern as a result of local recent declines, threats, or other factors.
G5 = Secure  At very low risk or extinction or elimination due to a very extensive range, abundant populations or occurrences, and little to no concern from declines or threats.
GH = Possibly Extinct - Known from only historical occurrences but still some hope of rediscovery.
GU = Unrankable - Currently unrankable due to lack of information or due to substantially conflicting information about status or trends.
GX = Presumed Extinct - Not located despite intensive searches and virtually no likelihood of rediscovery.
GNR = Unranked - Global rank not yet assessed.
G#G# = Range Rank - A numeric range rank (e.g., G2G3, G1G3) is used to indicate uncertainty about the exact status of a taxon or ecosystem type.
Rank Qualifiers
? = Inexact Numeric Rank - Denotes inexact numeric rank.
Q = Questionable taxonomy that may reduce conservation priority   Distinctiveness of this entity as a taxon at the current level is questionable; resolution of this uncertainty may result in change from a species to a subspecies or hybrid, or inclusion of this taxon or type in another taxon or type, with the resulting taxon having a lower-priority (numerically higher) conservation status rank.
Infraspecific Taxon  status ranks
T# = Infraspecific Taxon (trinomial) - The status of infraspecific taxa (subspecies or varieties) are indicated by a “T-rank” following the species’ global rank. Rules for assigning T-ranks follow the same principles outlined above.

State Rank (SRank)
State Rank characterizes the relative rarity or endangerment within the state of Washington.
S1 = Critically Imperiled - At very high risk of extirpation in the state due to very restricted range, very few populations or occurrences, very steep declines, severe threats, or other factors.
S2 = Imperiled - At high risk of extirpation in the state due to restricted range, few populations or occurrences, steep declines, severe threats, or other factors.
S3 = Vulnerable - At moderate risk of extirpation in the state due to a fairly restricted range, relatively few populations or occurrences, recent and widespread declines, threats, or other factors.
S4 = Apparently Secure - At a fairly  low risk of extirpation in the  state due to an extensive range and/or many populations or occurrences, but  with  possible cause for some concern as a result of local recent  declines, threats, or other factors.
S5 = Secure - At very low or no risk of extirpation in the state due to a very extensive range, abundant populations or occurrences, with little to no concern from declines or threats.
SH = Possibly Extirpated - Known from only historical records but still some hope of rediscovery.
SX = Presumed Extirpated - Species is believed to be extirpated from the state. Not located despite intensive searches of historical sites and other appropriate habitat, and virtually no likelihood that it will be rediscovered.
Rank Qualifiers
S#? = Inexact Numeric Rank - Denotes inexact numeric rank.
S#S# = Range Rank - A numeric range rank (e.g., S2S3 or S1S3) is used to indicate any range of uncertainty about the status of the species.
SU = Unrankable - Currently unrankable due to lack of information or due to substantially conflicting information about status or trends.
SNR = Unranked - Subnational conservation status not yet assessed
SNA = Not Applicable - A conservation status rank is not applicable because the species or ecosystem is not a suitable target for conservation activities.

State Status (StStat)
State Status of plant species is determined by the Washington Natural Heritage Program. Factors considered include abundance, occurrence patterns, vulnerability, threats, existing protection, and taxonomic distinctness. Values include:

E = Endangered. In danger of becoming extinct or extirpated from Washington.
T = Threatened. Likely to become endangered within the near future in Washington if the factors contributing to population decline or habitat loss continue.
S = Sensitive. Vulnerable or declining and could become endangered or threatened in the state without active management or removal of threats.
X = Possibly extinct or Extirpated. Documented to have previously occurred within Washington, but no longer thought to be present here. 
P1 = Priority 1. Rare nonvascular plant but with insufficient information to assign another rank.
P2 = Priority 2. Nonvascular plant of concern but with insufficient information to assign another rank.
R1 = Review group 1. Of potential concern but needs more field work to assign another rank.
R2 = Review group 2. Of potential concern but with unresolved taxonomic questions.
W = Watch. Species that are more abundant and/or less threatened in Washington than previously thought. These species are no longer maintained in the Washington Natural Heritage Program database; the program does not request additional sighting information, and these species are no longer a focus of conservation efforts.

Federal Status
Federal Status under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (USESA) as published in the Federal Register.
For complete definitions of endangered and threatened under the federal ESA, see

LE = Listed Endangered. The plant is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.
LT = Listed Threatened.  The plant is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.
PE = Proposed Endangered.  A plant that is proposed to be listed as endangered and is undergoing a review process
PT = Proposed Threatened.  A plant that is proposed to be listed as threatened and is undergoing a review process
C = Candidate species. A plant for which FWS or NOAA Fisheries has on file sufficient information on biological vulnerability and threats to support a proposal to list as endangered or threatened.
SC = Species of Concern. An informal term referring to a species that might be in need of conservation action. Such species receive no legal protection and use of the term does not necessarily imply that a species will eventually be proposed for listing.
NL = Not Listed. Used when two portions of a taxon have different federal status.

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