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Washington Natural Heritage Information System
Known High-Quality or Rare Plant Communities and Wetland Ecosystems of Washington
September 2014

Wahkiakum County

Scientific Name
Common Name
Historic Record
Freshwater Tidal Surge Plain Wetland OP Freshwater Tidal Surge Plain Wetland OP
Picea sitchensis / Cornus sericea / Lysichiton americanus Forest Sitka Spruce / Red-osier Dogwood - Yellow Skunk-cabbage
Picea sitchensis / Polystichum munitum Forest Sitka Spruce / Swordfern
Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa - Acer macrophyllum / Symphoricarpos albus Forest Black Cottonwood - Bigleaf Maple / Common Snowberry
Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa / Cornus sericea / Impatiens capensis Forest Black Cottonwood / Red-osier Dogwood / Spotted Touch-me-not
Thuja plicata - Tsuga heterophylla Cover Type Western Redcedar - Western Hemlock Forest
Tsuga heterophylla - Picea sitchensis Forest Western Hemlock - Sitka Spruce
Tsuga heterophylla / Oxalis oregana Forest Western Hemlock / Oregon Oxalis

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