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Oaks & Grasslands GIS Data Set

A Geographic Information System Coverage of Existing Grasslands and Oak Woodlands in the Puget Lowland and Willamette Valley Ecoregions, Washington

Native grasslands and oak woodlands are some of the most imperiled ecosystems in western Washington.

The Washington Natural Heritage Program produced this map of vegetation communities in September 1999, and has updated this map with new information in 2003 and 2005. This digital map coverage includes: (1) untilled grasslands now existing in landscapes that formerly supported native dry grasslands, and (2) oak dominated or co-dominated canopies.

The map’s scale and level of detail are designed to be appropriate for both regional-level conservation planning and county-level planning and development screening. This project drew on several previous mapping efforts covering specific geographic areas and then filled in remaining unmapped areas with field mapping conducted from 1993 through 1999. The map is intended to be a dynamic product that will be refined in the future as more information is gathered from the field and as changes occur on the landscape.

Cover Types Mapped:

Oak-dominant forest or woodland canopy
Oak-conifer forest or woodland canopy
Scattered oak canopy
Urban Oak Canopy
Shrubland potentially restorable to grassland
Unsurveyed grassland
Native grassland
Semi-native grassland
Exotic (non-native) grassland
Airport Grassland

GIS software users may license the use of the Oaks & Grasslands GIS Data Set for professional environmental assessment or land management purposes via the DNR GIS Data distribution site.

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