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Online Field Guides

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Washington
The printed version is now available from the University of Washington Press and other book sellers. An online version is also available here. An Android version is available here and an iOS (iPhone and iPad) version is avialable here. All feature identification tips, photos, occurrence maps, and more for over 300 species of rare plants.

Draft Field Guide to Washington’s Ecological Systems
This guide provides a tool for identification and understanding of all the Ecological Systems that occur in the State of Washington. It includes dichotomous keys and brief descriptions of each Ecological System to assist in identification.

Washington Herp Atlas

Washington's first online atlas of information on rare amphibians and reptiles.
Puget Trough
Plant Associations
Fact sheets, keys, and association tables for terrestrial plant communities of the Puget Trough Ecoregion.

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