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Key to Puget Trough Terrestrial Plant Associations

Introduction and Methods
Instructions for the Key
Names and Codes Used
Complete Species List
Association Tables
Citing This Document

Dominance types

Douglas-fir forests
Douglas-fir - grand fir forests
Douglas-fir - Pacific madrone forests
Douglas-fir - western hemlock - western redcedar forests
Lodgepole pine - Douglas-fir forests
Oregon white oak woodlands
Red alder - bigleaf maple forests

Association Tables

Association tables list the species found in an association along with the species constancy (percentage of plots for each association where that species occurred) and average percent cover. A "+" in percent cover indicates only a trace of that species. These tables are provided in Microsoft Excel format with species as rows and associations as columns.

Click on a link below to view an association table:

Click here for a complete list of species including current scientific name (Kartesz, 2005), scientific name used by Hitchchock and Cronquist, common name, and native/exotic status.

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