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Reference Desk Rare Animal Information

Rare Animal Information Available from the Washington Natural Heritage Program

Animal Species with Ranks

A list of all all vertebrates, tiger beetles, butterflies, freshwater bivalves, crayfish, and selected other invertebrates known to occur in the state along with global and state ranks.

State Species of Concern List (WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Website)

State Endangered, State Threatened, State Sensitive, or State Candidate, as well as species listed or proposed for listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Marine Fisheries Service.
Washington Herp Atlas

Washington's first online atlas of information on rare amphibians and reptiles.
Vertebrates and Invertebrate Animals in the Continental U.S.
Open NatureServe Explorer and search by common name or scientific name to find information on animals known to occur in the continental U.S.
Natural Heritage Classification Methodology: Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals

NatureServe Explorer reports standard vertebrate and invertebrate names for particular taxon circumscriptions as defined by NatureServe zoologists.
Definitions of Listing, Status,
and Ranks used in Natural
Heritage Data

A list of definitions used in Natural Heritage Methodology.

WDFW Animal Data Order

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife distributes locational information on animal species and populations in Washington.

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