Type 5 Streams and Small Wetlands Literature Review

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This literature review was created to support the development of the long-term conservation strategy for Type 5 streams and small wetlands on forested state trust lands in western Washington. This review enables DNR to evaluate the current understanding of the science, identify gaps in the research, collect supporting information, and prioritize research investigations.

There is a vast collection of literature that could relate to small streams and wetlands in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state, Oregon, and maritime British Columbia). In order to organize the literature and to provide a keen focus for this review, four main questions were developed. Statements that help to answer these questions were drawn from the literature.

Additional background information on this literature review is provided in the following areas:

We are currently undertaking a research and monitoring project in Westside forested state trust lands to better understand the function of these small streams and their interaction with upland and downstream aquatic systems. By testing a variety of management strategies along these small streams, we aim to better understand what type of protection is needed to maintain economic feasibility while preserving the integrity of western Washington forests.

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Richard Bigley or Jeff Ricklefs
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Land Management Division
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Last updated: 23 January 2008

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